mod|ule «MOJ ool», noun.
1. a standard or basic unit for measuring: »

Many high schools are now programming their students' day in 20 minute modules. Houses of the future may all be built using a four-inch cube called a module as the structural “atom” (Science News Letter).

2. Architecture. a) the size of some part taken as a unit of measure for other parts, especially a dimension of some part, such as a column, used as a unit of measure throughout a structure, to bring all parts into correct proportion. b) a prefabricated dwelling unit: »

The house is a two-story boxlike structure consisting of four factory-produced modules equipped with plumbing, heating, lighting, kitchen equipment, and wall-to-wall carpeting (New Yorker).

3. any standardized or interchangeable piece or part; modular unit: a) a self-contained unit in an aircraft or spacecraft, designed to serve a particular function: »

a spacecraft's command and service modules, a lunar module. An operational crew module which could be used in an emergency for escape and survival is to be fitted to the American F-111 fighter-bomber (London Times).

b) a self-contained, standardized, and interchangeable unit or component in a computer or other machine: »

One reason why Sigma 5 gets more efficient as it grows larger is that when memory modules are added interleave and overlap occur (Scientific American).

4. = micromodule. (Cf.micromodule)
[earlier, a scale < Latin modulus (diminutive) < modus a measure, mode1]

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